Indecision Is My Worst Enemy

Indecision is my worst enemy, without a doubt! Whenever I’m upset it is always over a decision I have to make. Finance always plays the antagonist that never seems to rest while the heart pushes me onward with constant acceleration.

I loaded the last bit of insanity into the storage shed and I’ve hit the road! Still no skoolie but I’m not letting that put a damper on things I’ve got some people to meet and some work to get done.

North Shore camp #1First destination ws the Lassen National Forest and for the first time I stopped and got to know the area a bit. The norm is to drive straight through to Nevada, barely noticing the terrain. This time I drove into the town of McCloud. I was amazed at what I’ve been driving past for so many years. I will definitely be spending more time there in the future.

Next stop is to find the campsite and pitch my tent. First lesson: when you have no navigator, make a better map! I never did find my destination but, traveling down the road I spotted a campground sign and took the turn. I drove for a couple of miles into the wilderness then turned at the North Shore Camp on Lake Britton. Arriving at the information board, I learned I simply had to fill out the registration card, write a check, pick my spot, and drop it in the box. Sweet!

The adventure got even sweeter when the camp host introduced himself and advised me as to the better camp spots. Dennis and his wife, Gwen, were great hosts.

It is amazing how traveling alone will change your perspective. With no deadlines or expectancies, life gets much easier. It was because of the hosts, I decided to stay a second night. Without a doubt, I will stay there again.

Second lesson: pay attention to where the sun is. My very first morning of unbridled freedom, I decided to kickback, drink my coffee and read. Heaven right? Not necessarily. After an hour or so, I realized, all too late, my feet were in the direct sun. Well, there went the shoes for the next three days.

The next two weeks were spent at a dear friends house in Fallon, Nevada. I know what you’re thinking, “Two weeks!” Then theres a partial quote about when guests need to leave after three days. Well, in my defense, that was my plan. However, when you have such wonderful hosts that tell you you’re staying, you bend the rules.

So now I get to the part about indecision. I’ve returned to Ashland and I’m housesitting through July. So it is decision time. Do I head north for the winter or south? The Universe hasn’t seen fit to accommodate my request for ample funds so, I won’t have my bus anytime soon. Heading south would appear to be the warmest decision. Either way, I have to find better accommodations than my pup tent. Hey Universe! Are you listening??

While the cosmic financal problems gets tossed around, I’ll have to tell you about the hitchhiker I acquired somewhere along the way. I’m sure it’s a he because a she would never have eaten my favorite pair of black heels!! SHE would have known that is an instant death sentence!

I began to suspect I wasn’t alone when I cleaned out the trunk to reorganize the camping gear and found a roll of paper towels had been chewed on. A soap filled roll of paper towels, mind you. Then I found the nest in the back of the trunk. I cleaned like a crazy woman and found no further trace so decided he was gone. That night I slept in the car because my survival instincts said sleeping in a pup tent in cougar country wouldn’t be the brightest idea I’ve had.

Once I landed in Ashland, it was time to reconnoiter the over supply of dishes. So, out came everything. That’s when I found my shoes. Yes, the war is on! Sure enough, the uninvited guest was still in the car. As of this moment, I have the second baited mouse trap sitting in my back seat. (See item 2) I don’t like killing anything but this has to end. I’ve done everything possible to leave an exit for the critter and he has chosen to say, “No thanks. The goodies here are juuuust right.” We will see about that!

All I can say right now is that the night I slept in the car would have had a different outcome if I had discovered the wildlife was IN the car!

I’ll let you know who won the battle next time. Right now I have a trap to check.

Looking Around the BendUntil then, Here’s looking around the bend, Happy Trails my Huckleberry Friend.