What Was The Universe Thinking?

As promised this journey will contain ups as well as downs. I may have reached my first down.

Moving is stressful, that we all know, and it’s expensive. As a somewhat retired soul, I survive on a set income. No pity party, millions do and it’s not easy. However, I’ve accepted the facts and I’m dealing with them.

So please tell me what the Universe was thinking in giving my poor little Harley pneumonia and some horrible bacterial intestinal infection? Poor guy looks at me as though he just wants to die. So off to the vets we go. Concerned is putting it mildly, especially on the second visit when the doctor says, “Well, he made it through the night, that’s a good sign.” OKAY, stress level blew up the richter scale!

Yesterday was the umpteenth trip to the vets, a wonderful vet, by the way. Poor trouper, has to be hand fed every hour. So much for the vacancy deadline. No sleep and not enough packing will soon land the both of us in intensive care and bankruptcy.

I just have to get through the month, everything will be free sailing then. Riiiiight.

Today EVERYTHING will be gone, either to recycling, charity, or storage. What a feeling! Never again will I have to go through the burden of moving all that crap again. I know the idea sounds a bit daunting and possibly terrifying. After all, you have collected all that stuff for many years and it all holds memories. However, the relief of owning less is invigorating. I’m actually having fun releasing and sending all that off. Trust me, begin with small removals and watch it grow. You can thank me later.

Just imagine for a moment, sitting on a beach or a mountain top knowing you don’t have to be home by 10 to take care of the house or yard. You can stay there as long as you want and when you’re ready, simply pick up and move to a new location with another great view. That has to be good for the soul, what could be better? I’ll let you know, asap.

Somewhere in the juggling event of the century, known as my life, I’ve been looking for my ultimate bus and collecting designer ideas for the interior. Several have passed through, with no luck. Thank you Universe! So, looks like the great northwest campgrounds will be my new location until I find my one and only.

The ups and downs of Huckleberry Ramblings will continue, hopefully with more of the ups than the downs. Once this move is history, the fun will begin. Keep the faith.

Right now it is feeding time for the critter.

Until next time, Harley and I bid you happy trails.


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