I’ve Become a Circus Act!

Juggling! That’s what I’m doing, juggling. It’s amazing how many things a person can keep in the air at one time. Along with the downsizing, sorting, packing, living, breathing, dog feeding, menu planning, I’ve added…………….. CDL School.

BRILLIANT!!  I didn’t have enough to keep me busy.

Let me explain my rational. I’ve been shopping for a school bus, right? Being the research addict I am, I decided I better learn how to drive a school bus.  (Seems logical) So, I figured if that is what I’m going to do, I need to go to the best source. School Bus School!  I’ve just wrapped up my classes and next week I will be going through the study and test taking the DMV insists on. I don’t need a CDL as long as my bus isn’t used commercially. However, I’m thinking once I have my license, I can work anywhere as long as I meet the state’s qualifications. A gal never knows when that added paycheck could come in handy, right?

Now, let me tell you something about driving a school bus professionally. As a parent or grandparent, you need to immediately go to the bus stop with your tyke and hug that driver! Tell them how much they are appreciated! I’ve been scared I would get a job a few times in my life, but this one just may be the most terrifying of them all.

The responsibility those drivers deal with every day then return to do it again, makes them saints in my book. They are trained to go above and beyond human abilities to keep our children safe. I could go on for hours on the training, just suffice to say, they are an under appreciated professional group of amazing people. Will I get to join them? That remains to be seen. You will be the first to know the outcome.

I may have found my bus, although it is much bigger than I planned. Do I really want to drive a 40 foot bus across the nation? Do I want to go through the months of work it takes to convert a bus that size? My head hurts from all the information I’ve gathered and I’m still no closer to making that decision. HELP! Just google school bus conversions on YouTube and you will get a look at what I mean. My favorite video master so far is Steampunk Steve and his Old Thyme Skoolie series. If your inclined, check it out, he’s awesome. Then you can join me while doing your own conversion. Now that’s a plan!

Well, the move is about to come to a close and the next part of the adventure will begin. On May 8th, to be exact. I’ll be hitting the road, destination unknown at this time. If I haven’t found my bus and a parking location by then, I’m going to be camping in a few on our northwest campsites. That will give me the opportunity to give some insights as to which sites are welcoming to skoolies and which aren’t. All of which I will be posting and filming.

Not to worry, I won’t be posting my location at the time I’m there. Safety and security are always a first consideration. So, until next time, my Huckleberry Friends, stay tuned, you never know what I’m going to do next because I don’t even know that answer. Be sure to follow my Huckleberry Rambler page on Facebook because I will begin live streaming once I’m on the road.

Happy Trails


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  1. burlyandpuff says:

    I am so slow. It took me a few minutes to figure out what CDL stood for! haha. That is a huge responsibility! I drive an SUV and feel like I’m driving a tank, I can only imagine what driving a bus feels like! Good luck as you travel around.

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