Oh The Pain Of It All

I consulted Merriam to gather information about the word, “downsizing.” I was given the response, “to reduce in size; especially: to design or produce a smaller size.” Simple, right? HA! Easier said than done.

If I were a lesser woman, you would find me curled up in a not so small ball rocking back and forth over the quickly approaching deadline of conquering the “downsizing” ordeal. However, to show my fortitude and perseverance, I marched myself up the spiral staircase and tackled the upstairs. The over stuffed closet yielded two large bags of clothes destined for a charitable organization and two small boxes that will go into the pile marked, “I will want those again, someday.” Well, maybe I’m not as good at this as I need to be. I did manage to donate 2 picture frames to the garage sale seed pile. (Insert proud moment here)

I have a new friend that teaches minimalism. Do I dare contact her, or will photographs of the process send her into a tiny rocking ball as well? Maybe I should just let her contact me, that way I won’t be responsible for her lack of oxygen and resulting dismay.

When I first moved to Oregon, I had three suitcases with clothing for the girls and only one small case containing my entire wardrobe. We were good with that. So tell me dear Huckleberry friend, why would a person take on the burden of accumulation? I can’t help but wonder, when we make the decision to bring that new “must have” item into our world, if we were to take into consideration that it will only be redistributed at some point in our lives, would be then return it to the shelf and walkaway satisfied with the decision?

Meanwhile, back to the upstairs and the vacating. Once that is done, I will move on to the garage. Oh hold on there! Now we’re talking pain! Copious amounts of pain! That is where I rathole all my art “stuff.” If you will remember the last post’s reference to artists as gatherers. Well, I’m among the champions! Wherever I go, my art supplies go. The garage, or as I say, “Out there” holds not only art supplies, but many years worth of costume creation and collection. Those won’t go on the bus, otherwise there definitely would be no room for Harley. They have to go somewhere tho. This is where I want to give in and practice my rocking ball imitation or just shove everything into a storage shed.

Solutions! I need solutions!

While I allow for time to work that out, I want to address an issue some of you have shared with me. No, I’m not driving off into the sunset by myself with no back up.

I have spent that last few years collecting data on living simple. I’ve gone from building a tiny home on wheels to a bus conversion. The bus seems more equitable by saving me from having to purchase the ginormous rig needed to pull the tiny home. My thinking is that if I’m drowning under truck and tiny house payments, I’m better off in a stick built structure I now call home. So, the bus is a better choice and, it is build to last.

Now the second part of your question, No, I won’t be alone. I have a fabulous network of like minded souls. Through the amazing technology we have easy access to, I have friends across the nation that are doing the same thing. Nope, I’m not as original as it would appear. There are actually hundreds of people leaving everything behind to take to the open road. I don’t foresee a second coming of Grapes of Wrath, but there is definitely something going on with our economy that makes so many want to escape.

I’ve met many single mothers that are converting their buses with plans to live on the road, senior citizens that can’t afford their home any longer and college students that want to cut costs. There seems to be no specific age group to the movement, everyone just wants to experience the best life they can. There is even a plan for an annual Skoolie meet up somewhere between Seattle and San Francisco!  So, you see, there is an amazing energy out there just waiting for me to jump in.

So until next time, Huckleberry Friends, know I haven’t lost my mind and I’m not alone. Although, I do appreciate the concern. I’ll let you know later what solutions I came up with on the costuming botheration.

Happy Trails…