I May Be Too Sentimental

We’ve made it to the second Huckleberry Ramblings post! The sky is the limit. 🙂

The mental parting of lifelong treasures has already begun. Boy, what a tough job! Some things I’m not prepared to part with, others will be passed to a good home. Knowing that makes the job easier. Others that have already accomplished such a feat insist I will be glad I did it. Hmmm. Maybe I’ve attached to much sentimentality to my things.

Oh my gosh, my house plants! I’ve had many of them over 25 years. Each plant has been named after the person that gave it to me. I remember once, a stranger came to my home and was sitting very quietly looking around. After a while I asked her a question, trying to jar her out of the lost-in-space alternate universe she was evidently in. Her response was complete loss and wonderment, “All these plants.” was all she could mutter. I looked around, confused by her reaction, only to spot a couple of places another plant could find a home. In my defense, that house loved plants.

Next on the list are all my art supplies. I don’t know if you’re aware of it or not, but artists are natural hoarders. You see, artists visualize a purpose for everything. One of my favorite sculptures makes amazing pieces from found articles. His studio is a menagerie of amazement. Come to think of it, I don’t know a single artist that only uses one art form. One must always be prepared, and boy, I have vision and am I prepared! When the bus pulls out, there will be art supplies aboard. I’m just now sure how to make that happen yet.

Books! I’ve always dreamed of having a library and now I have one. Keep or dispose of? I always thought I would spend my old age reading, crocheting, and making art. Little did I know that old age is a fleeting thing always pertaining to the “other”, never one’s self. I’ve heard said it that 60 is the new 40. In that case, kids we got a lot of living to do and it’s best we get started. So, special books and current research goes on the bus. Done deal. Hope there’s room for Harley.

Where to begin? Cleaning would be a good start. Oh, my poor aching back!

One way or another, life marches on.