To My Huckleberry Friends

The Journey Begins

It isn’t common for me to share my age with people, not because I’m bothered by getting older, but because I witness them mentally moving me from one preconceived box to another. I, in a split-second, go from a viable person with something to offer to old senile woman. This isn’t a pity party. What it is, is the reality of our senior citizens and has been for generations. Like so many others, I can recall the very moment I became invisible. Although I haven’t researched to find when elders were moved from a position of cultural importance to invisible, burdensome beings, but it has been that way my entire life. I remember how it broke my heart to watch my grandmother be set aside as though she had nothing more to offer than to babysit my siblings and myself.

It may be that I’m tired of being stereotyped, or maybe I just need one last hurrah before I build my mud hut in the wilderness and return to my art. Whatever the reason, it would seem our good Lord, in his infinite wisdom, has opened the door of my comfort zone, yet again, and is shoving me through it. HE didn’t have an easy time of it either, poor guy never does. After several months of stubborn un-acceptance, I have come to the realization that there is nothing more I can do to stop the cosmic shove the Universe has bestowed upon me. (Okay, kick in the butt.)

There is one thing I can do with my new found mission, I can make the best of it. At the ripe young age of, here it goes…..wait! How the hell old am I?? No matter, I’m young enough to still have some heel kickin’ to do!

My attack plan is to give up my sweet cottage in southern Oregon and take my adventure down the road. If you saw my cottage, you would understand my obstinateness. But we won’t dwell on that any longer. Besides packing years of art supplies and books, my first step is to purchase a school bus and convert it to a road worthy tiny home/production wagon. Yeah, I’m not prone to doing anything the easy way, I’d have thought you figured that out with the obstinate reveal.

The purpose, dear Huckleberry Friend, is to see where the river bend takes me. In the process, I will be interviewing other “Skoolie” pals and filming their stories. Yes, we’re referred to as Skoolies. Not to be mistaken for RVers. It seems there is a cultural divide there that I haven’t experienced for myself. However, I digress. I am the producer/filmmaker of the upcoming web-series, “Huckleberry Ramblings.”

I can’t help but wonder what this new adventure is going to teach me and, maybe even you through bearing witness to my insanity. I hope you will join me by following my blog, “To My Huckleberry Friends,” at

I’m not overlooking my own filming adventures. I’m planning a couple of years on the road to create a documentary of my own experiences and finish a couple of filming projects already in production. Yes, I’m going to be a busy Huckleberry! I hope you enjoy your virtual journey and I’m looking forward to our journey together.

Until then happy ramblings, my Huckleberry Friends.

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