The best thing about life is that no matter your age, you will always encounter new challenges. I’ve always appreciated that message, given to me in my younger years by one of my aunts. I must admit, her words have proven steadfast and motivational.

It is the latest, “life challenge” that prompts me to create Huckleberry Ramblings: Notes on the Ever-changing Journey Called Life. You see there is something about my life that allows me only short stays in any particular location. Which is the origin of why my current domicile, no matter how temporary, is always called home.

Today, the Great Universe and I have finally reached a compromise. The All Seeing is sending me down the road, yet again, albeit kicking and screaming. I’ve had the enjoyment of living in southern Oregon for over ten years and I really had planned to make this my final move. Silly me!

So, my Huckleberry Friends, what do you suppose is around the bend?

Be a Huckleberry Friend

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